You receive an uncompromising quality of training delivered by knowledgeable and enthusiastic instructors who adhere to rigorous standards of excellence and quality.

TLC have launched its Educational and Training Services Program during the last quarter of 2017 with a vision to develop vendor neutral courses enabling a wide variety of customers in the field of emerging tecnologies. TLC is one of a rare organization who is offering five stacks of courses in the field of IBM AIX operating system, Storage technologies, Digital Transformation, Information Security/Cybersecurity domains and Essential Corporate Soft Skills. 

Why is instructor-led Face-To-face training considered the best?
ILT became the gold standard not because it’s perfect, but because it’s better than other traditional methods of training. There is no question that ILT is superior to sending a new hire a booklet to read or putting an employee in a room with a computer to hit “Next-Next-Next” on a PowerPoint deck, but these are not exactly examples of high-quality training.

On-line Education and Training Services Program 
Due to COVID-19 pandemic, TLC has embarked on imparting online education and training for their corporate customers in Pakistan and outside of Pakistan. Most of our courses, for example TN210, TN211, TN185, TN224, and TN227, are targeted for customers to take as OneTeam for their corporate helping them in bridging the silos. The targeted audience for these courses are CIO, CMO, CTO, CISO, CDO, Business Leaders, IT Directors, senior IT Managers, Application/Database teams, Software Development team, Audit, Risk and Compliance, Information Security and Cybersecurity professionals, IT and Network Operation teams, Project Managers and Enterprise Architects, Team Leads, HR Professionals and Technical Writers.

What are the top advantages of ILT?
In terms of advantages, instructor-led training is usually compared to traditional elearning. From this perspective, the main benefits of ILT include:

  • Learning from experts.
  • Opportunities for instructor-learner and learner-learner interactions.
  • Peer learning and network-building.
  • The ability to ask questions and receive immediate feedback.
  • Adaptability—the ability of instructors to tailor courses to learners’ needs, even on the fly.
  • Focus and attention—learning is not constantly interrupted by ringing phones, emails, etc.
Listen what our customers are saying
Following are some of our clients and their feedbacks on the quality of our technology workshops they have attended in past.


1st & 2nd Quarter 2022 Education & Training Services Program Schedule
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