For IT executives today, budgets are tight, responsibilities are vast and demands are seemingly endless. Business lines within the larger enterprise require high-quality service delivery while accepting environmental responsibility. Existing technology assets need to be leveraged to their fullest capacity. Investments in new technology have to be in sync with business priorities and, overall, IT infrastructures must be able to respond quickly to rapidly changing marketplace demands.

Combining TLC's experience, resources and technical depth, our consulting services and customer on-site technical workshops can help you reevaluate and reconstruct your IT environment to enhance flexibility and responsiveness. A primary goal is to help create a dynamic IT infrastructure that is easier and less expensive to manage, upgrade and run. Following is the list of our services offering that can help you methodically align your IT investments and infrastructure design with the business goals of the enterprise. 



TLC Flex IT Consulting
Service Code: CS304

TLC is offering Flex IT Consulting services based 
on hourly consulting model and are available into 
three different categories.

These three option can be utilized as a part of
organizations internal Technical Review Committee
or Technical Review Board where there is need
from client to involve outside technology 
consultants with their expert opinion who can 
closely working with client's technology team and
help them in making a decision related to new
technology infrastructure procurement. 

TLC flex 15 hours of monthly consulting services
TLC flex 30 hours of quarterly services 
TLC extended 45 hours of quarterly services 

Our professional team of technology consultants
brings a wide variety of knowledge and skills 
combined with functional and industry experience 
to serve the high-demanding consulting and strategy 
planning needs of our clients.

AIX Operating System
Migration Project Management
Consulting Services for
IBM Power Server
Service Code: CS305

The objective of this workshop is to provide a peace
of mind to those customers with limited AIX skills 
on-board using IBM Power Systems running IBM AIX
operating system. TLC technology experts shall act 
as a bridge between the customer and their technology
vendors for the smooth migration to the newer level 
of IBM AIX operating system. 

In terms of systems consistency, there may be several
issues attached to the installed applications that
requires serious attention that needed to be fixed prior
initiating the migration process of an AIX operating 

Interested in IT Consulting Services


TLC Application 
Consulting Services
Service Code: CS306

Our Application Consulting Services can help 
organizations in building software technology roadmap
in conjunction with vendor specific application product,
and may help in performing in-house software and 
application development.

The core objective for adding ACS as a part of 
existing services portfolio is to assist organizations 
who do not have sufficient knowledge or human 
resource(s) on-board in selecting a right vendor 
because of vendor specific product knowledge, new 
software/application functionality, life cycle 
management, latest software trends and techniques 
for selecting appropriate development tools, and above
all reducing overall CAPEX required for a new project.

TLC offers a full range of professional consulting 
services. Whether you are starting a new project,
require optimization to an existing application, or
migrating from an existing application or database
to a newer level or version, we have an affordable
solution for you. 


AIX operating system courses 
offered by TLC in Pakistan

About IBM AIX Education Program offerd by TLC

The Vision of IBM AIX operating system in Pakistan

Professional profile of our Instructor

AIX Education & Training Roadmap

A list of customer to whom our instructor imparted UNIX courses

Student On-line nomination form


TLC Professional Services offers a
wide variety of AIX and IBM Power 
Server Technology Workshops
or their customers 

Check out our Technology Workshops

AIX Systems Security Hardening Services for IBM Power Server

AIX Performance Monitoring & Optimization Workshop for IBM Power Server

AIX Health Check & Systems Optimization Workshop for IBM Power Server

IT Infrastructure Business Resilience Workshop for IBM Power Server

Cloud Computing Adoption Assessment Workshop

IT Infrastructure Gap Analysis Assessment & Technology Roadmap Workshop

AIX OS Migration Project Management Consulting Services for IBM Power Server


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