About this Consulting Sevices Ė Overview 

The objective of this workshop is to provide a peace of mind to those customers with limited AIX skills on-board using IBM Power Systems running IBM AIX operating system. TLC technology experts shall act as a bridge between the customer and their technology vendors for the smooth migration to the newer level of IBM AIX operating system.

In terms of systems consistency, there may be several issues attached to the installed applications that requires serious attention and needed to be fixed prior initiating the migration process of an AIX operating system.

Our project management workshop shall help businesses assess and design migrations from lower to higher AIX versions ensuring a successful transition by referring to product support lifecycle and product compatibility matrix for the installed applications like IBM PowerHA, IBM PowerVM, followed by AIX Technologies Levels/Service Packs, Systems Firmwares, Server and Database platforms running on IBM Power Systems infrastructure.

Our technology experts have a diverse set of experience in performing various AIX and Power Server successful migrations across all major line of businesses for the last 20 plus years.

The migration planning process involves various steps where we can assist the customer to prepare a checklist before migrating the system from one version to another AIX version to take care of the following steps:

  • Backing up the current existing environment to prevent data loss
  • Checking for the hardware requirements for the migrated version
  • Checking for security vulnerability issues with the new AIX version
  • Deciding on the migration strategy
  • Application and Database compatibility with respect to the new AIX version
  • AIX TL and SP levels compatibility with respect to IBM PowerHA SystemMirror
About the AIX Migration Process
A migration installation attempts to preserve all user configurations, while moving the operating system from one AIX version to another AIX version. During a migration installation, the installation process determines which optional software products are installed on the existing version of the operating system. The main advantage with the migration installation compared to a new and complete overwrite is that most of the file sets and data is preserved on the system. It keeps all the directories such as /home, /usr, /var, logical volumes information and configuration files. The /tmp file system is not preserved during the migration of the system.

What you get is Ė

  • The help of an experienced migration expert ensures migrations are performed accurately and efficiently.
  • The assistance of an outside migration specialist reduces your IT teamís workload who closely works with you and your technology vendors.
  • Leveraging a consultantís expertise helps to avoid common migration shortfalls.

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Migrating operating system and applications has always been a challenge for IT staff that needs an extensive experience and skills for the successful migration. The biggest constraint occurs when estimating an amount of planned downtime time which is a critical factor for any organization.

A clear strategy is essential for the successful implementation with a cushion to integrate a role back strategy in the event of disaster. Therefore, a comprehensive planning is considered as a mandatory part of the project management. This is where TLC technology experts can help customers by becoming a bridge between their technology vendors.


Service Code: CS305

An outsiderís perspective can bring unexpected value to your organization.