Payment Solutions and ISO 8583 Messaging
Explore new business opportunities and new markets ahead of your competition at a fraction of their cost. Invent, build and manage products your way. An online transaction processing system that integrates the most up-to-date security features and advantages based on:
  • Existing markets
  • Consumer buying trends 
  • Market segmentation
  • Organizational Growth
Following are the payment solutions benefits:
  • Improves service/product offering to new and existing clients
  • Cost effective through low operational costs
  • Greater visibility and portability to business
  • Improved cash control/flow and order processing
  • Provision of 24/7 payment facility from anywhere
  • Ability to track trends
  • Secure purchasing
Our consultant has hands-on experience on Middleware softwares(TUXEDO, Web Sphere, PHOENIX), ISO 8583 Messaging (Master Card, VISA, China Union Pay, EURONET and JCB) and eBanking platform extensibily bill payments arcoss various channels. We can help you design state of art financial services for your organization ir order facilitate your customers need.
  • We will look into your business portfolio
  • We will suggest the product that needs to added in your system
  • Help you to evaluate the best solutions from vendors
  • Can help your in-house team in development of these solutions in java/ C#.NET/ASP .NET/ORACLE
Solution Analysis & Design and Process Improvement
In business, Analysis and Design refers to the process of examining a business situation with the intent of improving it through better procedures and methods. 

System analysis and design relates to shaping organizations, improving performance and achieving objectives for profitability and growth. 

  • Our consultant will analyse your organization needs.
  • We can suggest a cost effective and efficient solutions for your organization. 
  • Help you to evaluate the best solutions from vendors
  • Can help your in-house team in development of these solutions in java/ C#.NET/ASP .NET/ORACLE
Following is our list of expertise in software developement and solutioning:
  • Java/J2EE/JEE5 based application
  • .NET(C#, ASP.NET)
  • Web based application
  • Mobile baseb application
  • Web Service
  • Open Source technology
SOA Integration/Enterprise Solutions Integration 
SOA is concerned with the independent construction of services which can be combined into meaningful, higher level business processes within the context of the enterprise.

Service integration and management lets an organisation manage the service providers in a consistent and efficient way, making sure that performance across a portfolio of multi-sourced goods and services meets user needs.

The level of service integration will differ depending on the complexity of the business services and/or customers that are being supported, and the complexity of the services that are being delivered to those businesses. As the services and businesses become more critical or complex, the level of service integration becomes deeper.

For the model to be effective the component services need to be well defined and understood. Itís important to avoid any ambiguity about the boundaries of both responsibilities and accountabilities. Key features of an effective model are;

  • Being able to define different service requirements for critical and non-critical services. 
  • Requires an understanding of the business and information and a strategic vision.
  • A performance regime that ensures organisations donít pay for services they canít or donít use.
  • Skills and capabilities that support transitioning to, and managing services in a new commodity-based environment.
  • A focus on open standards and interoperability to support workflow, performance management and service management, billing and payment.
With the help of our applicatin consultant expertise, it enables customers business to exploit best of breed solutions and to gain the next level of productivity and quality.
  • We will analyse your system
  • We will guide you for the improvement that can be done in current artitecture.
  • Which applications can we converted into services
  • How to convert them into Services
  • How to integrate applications with each other
Database Design and Optimization
The design of a database is crucial so that the database can function accurate or precise. a good design of a database facilitates data managements and valuable information generator. a poor designed database tends to have errors, data redundancy, inaccuracy, can also be time consuming etc. proper or good design must be taken into consideration so to avoid redundancy, inaccuracy , errors etc as users would like to have a more efficient and reliable database that performs to the best or as expected.

Modern database and applications development software is so easy to use that many people can quickly learn to implement a simple database and develop simple applications within a week or so, without giving design much thought. As data and reporting requirements become more complex, those same people will simply produce the required data by incorrectly adding more columns of tables to the database. That's how data redundancies and all their attendant anomalies develop, thus reducing the "database" and its applications to a status worse than useless.

Our experts can help you in building an effienct database design considering following methodologies;

  • We analyse the system.
  • Can developed the design of new database
  • Can suggest improvement on database design of already developed application
  • We can visit and look at operational issues and recommend improvement in terms of optimizing the exisiting database setup
We have hands on experience on following databases;
  • SQL Server
  • MY SQL
Other than designing of databases, we have hands-on experience in stored procedure and SQL Queries development.
  • We can develop effient queries.
  • We can also do the debugging and changes on ur existing stored procedure.
  • We can developed new stored procdure if there is any need.