About the Services and Key Business Challenges
Without a suitable assessment, you may never find unexposed vulnerabilities and resiliency gaps until they happen to you. But with this two day onsite consulting services, you will be in a position to identify the gaps and take your organization to a next level in terms of adopting right approach to business resilience.

This service is consisting of ten categories that will cover organizational existing setup of infrastructure based on IBM AIX and Power server running mission critical applications.

This service is designed on the basis that you have got nothing to lose and everything to gain. At the end of this service a detailed report will be furnished followed by high level recommendations and suggestions by IBM Certified Solutions Expert – Dynamic Infrastructure Technical Leader and IBM Certified Specialists – Business Resilience.

Ten categories for evaluation
1) Testing – general practice adopted by the customer for their environment
2) Monitoring – Tools used by the customers to monitor their environment
3) Operating System – Preventive measures taken by the customer
4) Awareness and Support – IBM Hardware and Software subscriptions and general warranties
5) Availability Profile – Practices adopted to maintain high availability by eliminating SPOF’s
6) Firmware – Consistency in maintaining checks on all firmware’s across the environment
7) Virtualization – How effective is your virtualization environment
8) Outage History – Maintaining a history including both planned and unplanned downtimes
9) Health Checks – Practices adopted in performing scheduled checks across the system
10) Client Skills – Clients ability to protect their environment

While not every business risk can be eliminated, many can be mitigated and managed. To contain business risk within acceptable levels, an enterprise and its value chain partners must ensure that their combined infrastructure is resilient —fortifed, recoverable and adaptable. From a business perspective, a resilient infrastructure can protect the ability of the value chain to “deliver the goods” regardless of unexpected events. 

An organization’s infrastructure can be quite complex. It consists of many components that sustain the delivery mechanisms necessary for the business to achieve its goals and objectives. In many cases, this infrastructure extends beyond the enterprise walls through a dynamic value chain of suppliers, distributors, partners, and even customers. To reduce complexity and improve
management insight into potential risks and exposures, a business and its value chain can be viewed through the lens of six unique “solution layers.”
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Business-driven risks
• Unmanageable heaves in business
• Overall systems downtime impact

Data-driven risks
• Data theft
• Data loss
• Interrupted access to data

Event-driven risks
• Overall power outages
• Communications disruptions
• Natural and man made disasters

Service Code: WS307