One of the biggest obstacles to implementing Cloud is determining where to start and where to focus your efforts. This assessment will help our client  identify and prioritize areas of improvement that will help you get closer to your cloud adoption goals.

Our Cloud Computing Adoption Assessment Workshop shall help our client better understand their company's objective in terms of adopting cloud technologies for moving their workloads by identifying areas for improvement and focus to help them manage the transition to cloud. Nevertheless, reducing the overall cost of managing data center services and technical human resources are one of the compelling reason for many organizations today migrating to cloud technology. 

Above all, cloud computing is creating a radical shift in IT by providing organizations with flexible, reliable and scalable optimization and virtualization capabilities to meet on-demand client business requirement. Our one day on-site cloud computing adoption assessment workshop is specially designed to provide an actionable evaluation with insight on how an organization can better address and deliver the challenges of migrating and start using cloud computing technologies.

The final assessment report is based upon your feedback collected during the workshop against a set of questions and contains information on the following assessment areas:

  • Cloud Computing Strategy
  • Infrastructure 
  • Business
  • Development
  • Operations
At the end of this Cloud Computing Adoption workshop, we can make a preliminary determination regarding your organization's cloud profile.

The workshop helps client to determine

  • The client’s level of knowledge of cloud computing.
  • The degree of cloud strategy and planning that you have completed or plan to undertake.
  • The level of maturity of the IT strategy, processes and technology in the client environment.
  • How we can assist our client with their unique cloud “journey.”
The Cloud Computing Adoption Assessment report shall be made available within 2 weeks after the successful completion of this workshop.
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The objective of our workshop
questionnaire is to suggest at a
high level how your organization
current and expected use
of cloud technology ('adoption') and
the corresponding business benefit 
('competitive advantage') increase 
(or decrease!) that may accrue as a 
result of that adoption. The 
recommendations and related 
service offerings suggest ways your 
organization can achieve those 
benefits or at minimum, improve
its competitive position.

Service Code: WS308

An outsider's perspective 
can bring unexpected value
to your organization