AIX Health Check and Systems Optimizations Service delivers a services that scans your IBM Power server for potential issues. This service is designed to help AIX customers to pro-actively detect configuration irregularities or other issues that may keep your system from performing optimally.

Periodic system maintenance can help reduce the number of problems experienced on a machine. 
Simple tasks, such as cleaning the tape drive as required, can prevent tape errors. Examining the system error log on a regular basis can help you spot a potential problem when the related error
log entries are still warnings rather than errors.

Following areas are highlights of this services: 

  • Identify AIX Technology level and Service Pack levels and check any inconsistency by studying system Software Vital Product Database.
  • Check Volume Groups for stale partitions, check system wide paging space inconsistency, ODM relating problems, studying system wide AIX logs, identify root problems causing system performance bottlenecks, basic TCP/IP related networking problems, and studying general issues related to AIX securities.
  • After reviewing existing AIX installed setup, our consultants make appropriate suggestions over the course of the engagement and upon completion delivers a set of recommendations to further enhance systems configuration. This report covers aspects of the systems environment, hardware configuration, ways to increase system efficiency by identifying potential problems.
  • At the end of this consulting services, TLC will present a both detailed and high level reports based on IBM best practices consisting of findings with recommendation and suggestions.

Ongoing IBM AIX systems health check and overall systems monitoring are considered as an important part of a strategy needed to ensure maximum system throughput and maintaining ongoing high availability. Later, these strategies shall ensure and help you maximize your return on investment.
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Provide up to two of your personnel 
with basic skills instruction on the
administrative tasks performed 
during this services

Service Code: WS302

An outsider's perspective 
can bring unexpected value 
to your organization