Optimizing performance and finding performance bottlenecks is one of the major concerns of any organization. Despite investing in expensive technology, why there is always a need for additional system resources upgrade in terms of more CPU and Memory

In particular, the following areas are very important for keeping a system well-tuned and performing properly: 

  • Load Monitoring - Monitor overall resource load so performance problems can be detected 

  • as they occur or (preferably) predicted before they do. Disk storage tools will be used to identify hot spots causing I/O bottlenecks.
  • Analysis and Control - By applying selected performance tools, identify the root causes of 

  • the nature of the problem impacting application response time by taking corrective action plan.
  • Capacity Planning - Long term capacity requirements must be analyzed so that sufficient resources can be acquired well before they are required. A set of tools and utilities that help a system administrator face and resolve these kinds of issues will be shared. 

  • AIX performance monitoring - Due to its UNIX heritage, AIX provides several performance monitoring and tuning tools. These tools give you information on the performance of various aspects of the system and on the parameters that affect performance. These tools have been grouped into five categories: CPU, I/O, Memory, Network, and Others.

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