Key Business Challenges

Today, technology leaders are facing multiple security challenges, including the need to secure their enterprise against a barrage of new and evolving sophisticated threats. Landscape have been completely changed as an outcome of Covid-19. Working from Home was never been targeted as a norm. Current disruption caused organizations to come up with a strategy to implement necessary safeguards to prevent against threats and in this regards most organizations have implemented these safeguards by themselves.

The scope of this two day service is to identify possible gaps in the overall WFH client implementation by performing a smart “Gap Analysis” of your enterprise wide operations where a large number of users are working from home.

Services: Some of the highlights:

In this assessment service, we will be studying your present setup and build up a checklist of cyber threats & safeguards implemented by your organization and shall include necessary information in our final report targeting ISO 27001. Our report will be consisting of the following controls.

  • Possible threats with respect to client WFH strategy.
  • Vulnerabilities with complete description.
  • Explanation of the risk.
  • Safeguards.
  • ISO 27001 Controls.
  • Explanation of the safeguard.

Our final detailed report will be comprises of the following domains.

  • Theft of asset
  • Theft of data
  • Information disclosure
  • Data loss (on physical / electronic media)
  • Unauthorized activities in information systems
  • Information intercepted on the communication
  • Information intercepted on the communication channel
  • Unauthorized network access
  • Malware
  • Outage on organization's infrastructure
  • Breach of contractual relations / legislation
  • Improper use of enterprise resources
  • Social engineering
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Securing your environment model presents a challenge. Successful companies recognize that their security infrastructures need to address the business challenge. 

Most of them are not aware of the types of attacks that malevolent entities can launch against their servers and can plan appropriate defenses both internally and externally.

Skills and expertise to help you increase the business value from your Investment.

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