Karachi, Pakistan (December 12, 1989 - 2019) — Techlink Communications has completed its 30 years of presence in providing professional services to different market segments in Pakistan. 

TLC was founded in 1989 in Karachi by Ikram Najam, a seasoned business man who graduated in 1957 from University of Karachi in Science. TLC represents some world largest and key product manufacturers of Test & Measuring Equipments, comprehensive range of products and services from high voltage & high current electrical test systems, process gas analyzers, calibration equipments, air sampling equipments, health physics and radiation protection instruments and complete turn-key projects according to customer’s intended application.

In August 2016, TLC embarked on Education & Training IT Consulting Services as new Line-of-Business along with a unique set of Enterprise IT Professional Services. Professionals at TLC have imparted numerous IBM AIX courses for IBM and GBM customers both locally and internationally. IT Consulting Services are spread over products offered by various international vendors primarily IBM, Fujitsu and VMware. One of the new services that is added to the consulting portfolio is about building enterprise technology roadmaps in the areas of Infrastructure, Data Centers, Architecture & Governance, and Service Management. Our consultant has delivered these "IT Infrastructure Assessment and Technology Roadmap" services to various clients in the banking and financial services sector. 

TLC has built its competitive edge by fulfilling its customers’ requirements through the use of the most advanced equipment and technology. In addition, TLC is proud of their highly skilled staffs who work with customers to provide competitive solutions to meet manufacturing needs, which increases productivity and reduce costs. 

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