TLC offers a versatile set of enterprise solutions based on the products manufacture by some of the world leading organizations that are specially designed to integrate multiple facets of a company’s business through the interchange of information from various business process areas and related databases. Different solutions from our international technology partners shall enable companies to achieve their goals at most affordable cost by delivering quality as a part of their desired vision and without compromising the quality of the solutions they are providing back to their customers.

We closely work with the world’s leading internstional organizations in Pakistan to provide solutions to this market to solve business problems with innovative ideas that are embraced by our customers. 

Following are the brief introduction to some unique solutions offered by our principals based on their new products.


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Multifunction Calibrator 
Solution by Time Electronics

Time Electronics have a range of multifunction 
calibrators solutions designed to calibrate both new 
and traditional test equipment. Models encompass 
a wide range of capabilities to cover multiple 
multiple functions. Each calibrator is built to 
maintain high accuracy and cover a wide 
calibration workload.

High Voltage AC Test System
offered by T&R Test 

The range of units cover from 5kVac to 100kVac. All
units have a variable trip range setting and key lock
operation to prevent unauthorized use. 

Applications include testing of insulation systems and 
measurement of break down voltage of electrical plant
and components.

Continuous Measurement of
Chemicals in a liquid - Process
Analyzer by Applied Analytics 

Process Analyzers offers continuous measurement of
chemicals in a liquid or gas process stream using the
future of industrial process analytics.

The OMA is an industrial device which measures a
high-resolution absorbance spectrum in a continuously
drawn sample from a liquid or gas process stream. 
Harvesting this rich data, the OMA provides real-time
analytics for the process stream, including chemical
concentrations, purity, and color.

ZEGAZ Instruments offers
Hydrocarbon & Water 
Dewpoint Measurement and
Natural Gas Analyzers

ZEGAZ Instruments’ water and hydrocarbon dewpoint 
analyzers are the most advanced dewpoint 
measurement systems available. They are based on
breakthrough CEIRS™ infrared technology to 
accurately and unambiguously determine the 
dewpoint of hydrocarbon gas streams at pressures 
up to 1500psi. These systems can distinguish 
between hydrocarbon dewpoints and water 

Phenix Technologies offers a
complete line of the most 
advanced AC Dielectric 
Test Systems

Phenix Technologies offers a complete line of the most 
advanced AC Dielectric Test Systems with any 
voltage power rating to meet your testing 

The mission of Phenix Technologies is to design and
produce optimal tests systems allowing our 
customers investments to work at the most efficient 
levels possible. Over the past 40 years, Phenix 
Technologies has introduced many innovative 
products to the market.

Carbon & Oxygen Headspace 
Gas Analyzer for food & 
pharmaceutical industry by 
Systech Illinois

Systech Illinois launches Carbon and Oxygen
headspace gas analyzer. The Gaspace Advance
Micro oxygen (O2) and carbon dioxide (CO2) 
headspace gas analyzer is ideal for the food
and pharmaceuticals industry.

Air Sampling and Monitoring
Products offerd by HI-Q 

Solutions offered by Hi-Q based on Air Sampling
and Monitoring Products. HI-Q Environmental 
Products Company (HI-Q) has been a leading 
manufacturer of high quality Air Sampling Equipment,
Systems, & Accessories since 1973 

Modular Vapour Permeation 
Analyzer offerd by Systech 

The 7000 water vapor analyzer range utilises the 
sensitive and stable P2O5 sensor for absolute 
moisture measurement. These water vapor 
analyzers offer a wide measurement range of 
0.002-1000 g/m²/day and precision temperature, 
humidity and flow control. Providing accurate and
repeatable results for research and development
testing of water transmission rate (wvtr) in both 
current and newly formulated packaging film 
materials and fast testing for Quality Control.

Systech Illinois offers 
accurate, reliable & flexible
Oxygen Analyzers

The ZR800 offers accurate, reliable and flexible
oxygen analysis under the most demanding on-line 
operating conditions.

Systech Illinois’ ZR800 oxygen analyzers are capable
of measuring from 0.1ppm up to 100% oxygen in most
industrial gas streams. With a response time and 
accuracy unparalleled in the industry, the ZR800 has
found wide acceptance in the electronics, 
semiconductor, food processing and gas manufacturing






Digital Microprocessor based 
Earth Tester announced by
Phenix Technologies

Phenix Technologies announces new model ER25 Earth 
Tester which is a digital, microprocessor controlled
instrument that allows to measure earth resistance 
and ground resistivity, as well as to detect parasitic
voltages present in the ground. This instrument is 
suitable to measure earth systems in power
substations, industries, distribution networks.

Multifunction Calibrators 
Solutions offered by Time

Time Electronics have a range of multifunction 
calibrators solutions designed to calibrate both new & 
traditional test equipment. Models encompass a wide
range of capabilities to cover multiple functions. Each
calibrator is built to maintain high accuracy and cover 
a wide calibration workload.

A wide range of Dewpoint
Meters, Hygrometers and 
Moistture Analyzers by Alpha
Moisture Systems

Alpha Moisture Systems manufacture a wide range 
of dewpoint meters, hygrometers and moisture 
analyzers for the measurement of trace moisture
in gases and dry compressed air, encompassing an 
overall range from +20ºC to -110ºC dewpoint, 
ie 23,000 parts per million down to nearly 1 part
per billion.

Portable High Volume Air 
Samplers Monitoring 
Products by HI-Q

HI-Q Environmental Products Company is an ISO-9001
Certified manufacturer of continuous duty high & low
volume air samplers, air flow calibrators, radioiodine
sampling cartridges, collection filter paper, combination 
filter holders, emergency response sampling kits and 
complete stack & fume hood sampling systems 
designed per the requirements of ANSI N13.1 1999.



Education and Training Services 
offered by TLC

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Technology Workshops offerings as a part 
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