Education is perceived as a key determinant for the overall socio-economic development of a country. Education & Training molds the raw human being in a knowledge intensive human resource fully prepared for the world of work to exploit the available natural resources for the betterment of humanity and resultantly raising the standard of life to the best possible level. Unfortunately about 46% of our population is illiterate and the education index of the country at all level is too low which has ranked Pakistan at 138th position in the human development index of 175 countries.

No doubt, IBM AIX is one of enterprise UNIX operating system that is globally growing with a very rapid pace. Hundreds of new customers are adding to IBM portfolio as a part of migration from different competitive environment. The biggest challenge is to timely produce sufficient professionals with AIX skills to meet both local and global escalating demand. Specially, in Pakistan the end user is left only with the choice to send their resources for AIX training outside of Pakistan because of limited availability of AIX education and training services in the country. 

The main vision and objective behind this initiative is to develop sufficient AIX technical human resource in Pakistan that will not only require fulfilling national requirement but also able to cater international market demand where the presence of local AIX resource skills is less than 1%. In all honesty, this initiative will take Pakistan to a next level by producing appropriate enterprise skills in the country and provide a chance to grow at individual level. 

At TLC our primary focus is on enhancing students' knowledge theoretically as well as practically to provide focused preparations to ensure sure shot success and to achieve professional expertise in the area of enterprise technologies. We therefore, are constantly in search of innovative and result oriented methods of teachings and of course, learning. 

You can never go wrong with IBM. AIX professionals now, and in the future will surely be secure, worldwide, for a long time to come.

At present, various organizations are straining under budget cuts. The overall industry has just started taking off after a global recession resulted in ceasing all types of local and international education and training programs. The demand for knowledge workers with specialized skills is growing by 11% a year. Many jobs will require lifelong training and a continuous updating of skills and the education industry has grown increasingly complex and difficult to quantify, as students pursue a variety of alternative learning paths. In this regards, TLC have decided to take this subject as a challenge and will play an important role in developing AIX resources in Pakistan.