It gives us immense pleasure in announcing educational program for IBM AIX platform for our valued customers and prospects. Having realized that there is a huge local and global demand but limited AIX related training offerings in country, TLC has embarked on offering technical trainings for individuals and companies to acquire, maintain and optimize their AIX skills. By using real-world scenarios, the technical curriculum focuses on the concepts and principles of AIX platform technology. A must for both experienced and new AIX professionals, the trainings shall prepare to plan and manage all key components of your AIX platforms. 

The AIX educational program shall be conducted by AIX certified instructors, imparting UNIX training since 1991. Our instructors are involved in providing AIX education and training to numerous customers both locally and internationally. 

This program is offered to three different sectors with a vision to fill humongous gap in terms of right sized resources required by IT organizations running their applications in Pakistan under IBM AIX environment and the pool of AIX resources required outside Pakistan. 

Both locally and globally, the culture has changed, the awareness for being technical certified under various operating systems, Java, Microsoft technologies, Cisco, Oracle and other products including software applications is becoming one of the strategic adoption by many of the students while completing their academic professional degrees. 

This change has been greatly observed since 2007 as there is a great interest shown by the many of local and international employers to hire best of the best graduates with some level of prior technical exposers based on leading technologies being used under their environments.

Nevertheless, IBM AIX have been able to won the acceptance level of many organizations at the SMB and Enterprise level due to unlimited strengths AIX do have in terms of comparing to rest of other UNIX flavors available in the market. Since, this is a great subject to debate that fully requires individual due diligence before earning personal confidence in AIX.

Experience has shown that more than 80% of the local application  developers community is using non AIX UNIX platforms for writing and testing their applications for SMB and Enterprise customers. 

Application scalability with respect to technology architecture is always neglected or missed ending up into performance portability issues and compromises that will remain exist due to the absence of core skills or unavailability of institutions pitching AIX education is Pakistan.

With this unique offerings, one can bridge the gap and understand IBM AIX strengths to a greater extend thus helping himself, his institution and above all, their customers resulting in getting resource optimized application and in developing personal AIX professional skills that are hard to locate across Pakistan.

In all honesty, in the end it will allow to fill a professional excellence gap specially competing against rest of the global application services providers in the area of application development.

Globally and locally, most of the corporate customers have faced a serious education program cut and have ceased their budgets and spending’s on education after the global recession started in 2008. 

Since then the IT world not only in Pakistan have faced a tremendous challenges in finding a right resource because of various reasons out of which brain drain is one. 

2010 and beyond has been identified as a year for filling the gap by investing in taking professional training programs by nominating a pool of consolidated resources to institutions where the quality of professional education is guaranteed.

The cost incur in acquiring AIX training in Pakistan is considered as high since there is near to none of the institution in Pakistan is offering such type of courses. The only choice left with most of the customers is to send their resources abroad for these training resulting in high spending’s. 

Estimated cost incur for sending a resource for AIX training course in Dubai.