Following are the list of projects done by our Principal Solutions Consultant during her previous jobs. These projects were carried out in the areas of on-line payment systems, 
financial services for banking and switch domain.

China Union Pay Issuing and Acquiring
POS (Point of Sale) across Pakistan local banks
IESCO Billing
Master Card Issuing anf Acquiring
IBAN Implementation across banks
OMI Billing
EMV Implementation across banks
VISA VMT- Inter Bank Fund transfer/Corporate Payments/AML 
Mobilink online Billing
UBPS Web Services
Direct Debit
Net Off Application
Wi Tribe Billing
PTCL online Bill Payments
Contact Less ATM Transactions
Payment Gate Way Solutions Evaluations
Branch Less Banking
Dispute Resolution System
NFC(Near Field Communication) Transactions
Inter Switch Fund Transfer Services
Investment Management Operation
QR Code in Billing/ATM Tranactions
Fraud Monitoring Solutions Evaluations
AML Projects
NewsTraders - developed using TT trading technology API, C++,Boost 
    Library, Zero MQ

Trading Analytic System: –Integration with Matlab Analytics Model 
    with .NET Exchange COMM

Mobile Payment System: –Integration with Fundamo project for mobile 
   banking, Top-up pin based payment

SYMeP Migration Tool – Manage SYMBOLS Electronic Product(SYMeP) 
   Migration from legacy system to SYMBOLS,  Automating all steps like 
   telnet session all command line operation. Using J2SE, java swings

Renaisses-Art  - A Shopping cart application that has credit card 
    integration and B2B communication with FedEx and USPS services. 
    ASP.Net, Ms SQL Server 2000

rJAX - rJAX™ (Remote Java ActiveX) – serves as a Java-COM bridging 
    middleware, that links Microsoft ActiveX, Dlls, and COM to Java 
    applications running on a Java enabled platform. Worked on java bean 
    proxy generator for COM component. J2SE, COM API’s, MS Visual C++ 

SMS Banking: Users Account/Credit information is sent through PULL 
    based SMS 

CBMS - Cheque book management system
UBPCC – Utility Bill Payment through Credit Card
eStatment System Integration of Credit Cards System at online Banking System
Online Bill Payment System -Bill payment 
    for mobile and utility companies through
    ATM and ebanking platform
Project Management System (PMS) – Manage projects, resource in 
   MCB and project initiation flow. 

Testkey Generator – Generate Special number for PO/DD  – using 
    Java, Microsoft Access, COM, VC++, JNI, VB

Dashboard – IT Status in branches. J2EE, WebSphere Application 
   Server, Oracle 9i 
API for Virtual Banking Information  – API Development for CRM - for 
    extracting information from SYMeP - J2SE, AIX, Oracle 9i.

ETL for Bill Server - Development of data uploading scripts for utility 
   companies like SSGC, SNGPL, KESC, PTCL etc. Scripting language, AIX, 
   Oracle 9i.

Spider – A Searching engine project that extracts relevant information 
    using patterns from different sites. Vb.NET, Ms SQL Server 2000

iHUB - iHUB™ is an innovative high-performance middleware solution 
    that enables seamless cross-integration and cross-development 
    between Microsoft .NET, Windows, J2EE and XML-based applications. 
    Design, analysis and implementation of a module that exposes .NET 

    Objects as Java Objects
Max Basic –  Max Basic is an Interpreter based programming tool like 
   Visual Basic, through which user can design the applications for SAM 
   operating system of Siemens. Win CE Programming, SAM OS.


MRI  Services – Certificate Management system. VB.NET, ADO.NET, 
   .Net Web Services.