In recent years, growing demands on IT departments have created a variety of pressures. The ever present need to reduce costs leads to limited staff that is called upon to deliver impressive results on multiple initiatives. As critical needs mount, businesses need the ability to increase IT resources like JAVA experts, .NET programmers, data-warehouse services or business-quality analysts. 

The core objective for adding ACS as a part of existing services portfolio is to assist organizations who do not have sufficient knowledge or human resource(s) on-board in selecting a right vendor because of vendor specific product knowledge, new software/application functionality, life cycle management, latest software trends and techniques for selecting appropriate development tools, and above all reducing overall CAPEX required for a new project.

In addition to above, we can also help organizations in building software technology roadmap in conjunction with vendor specific application product, and may help in performing in-house software/application development. 

In a nut shell, our consultant shall act as a bridge between a customer organization and a vendor organization to rightly size the overall solution knowing what is best for the organization by controlling the overall CAPEX. 

Every business will benefit from quality advice and immediate results. Seldom do businesses, of any size, possess all the best experts or updated methods in order to generate continued results. 

TLC offers a full range of professional consulting services. Whether you are starting a new project, require optimization to an existing application, or migrating from an existing application or database to a newer level or version, we have an affordable solution for you.

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