Course Duration 4 Days Hands on 
Course Fee Available upon request (Write to us at
Operating System AIX 7.1 and AIX 7.2 
Course Location Customer Onsite 
Course Code TN120
Group Discount Discounts are available for a classs of 5 and 8 students
Deliverables Comprehensive Student Guide and Course Certificate

This course is designed for delegates who are responsible for system administration duties on an AIX system running on IBM Power hardware. This course enables delegates to install, customize and administer the AIX operating system in a multi-user environment. 

Anyone responsible for the system administrative duties implementing and managing AIX operating system on IBM Power hardware.

Participants should be familiar with basic information technology. They should be able to login to an AIX system and set a user password, execute basic AIX commands, manage files and directories, use the vi editor, use redirection, pipes and tees, use utilities find and grep, use command and variable substitution and set Korn Shell variables.

    On successful completion of this course, students should be able to:

  • Installation of AIX software updates and filesets.
  • Perform system startup and shutdown.
  • Understand and use the system management tools.
  • Manage physical and logical devices.
  • Perform file system management.
  • Create and manage user and group accounts.
  • Perform and restore system backups.
  • Utilize administrative subsystems, including cron to schedule system tasks.
  • Customize system security to implement customized access of files and directories.
System Management Tools
  UNIX System Administration challenges 
  System Management Interface Tool (SMIT)
  SMIT Dialogue and Output screens
  SMIT log and script files
  Web Based System Manager
  IBM System Director Console for AIX
  pConsole Application and Management
  Introduction to Distributed Command Execution Manager 
  DCEM and System Health Check
  Console logging and tracing 

System Startup and Shutdown
  System Startup 
  Managed system activation 
  Startup mode 
  AIX startup process overview 
  AIX partition activation 
  The alog command 
  The /etc/inittab file 
  System Resource Controller 
  Managing subsystems 
  AIX partition shutdown 
  Managed system shutdown

AIX Software Installation and Maintenance 
  Software packaging definitions 
  AIX software levels 
  Software repository
  Software states
  lpp, filesets and files 
  Installing new software using SMIT 
  Applying patches on the system
  Removing installed software
  Recovering from broken software and inconsistent states 
  Fix central web site for downloading Technology Levels 
    and Service Packs

System Configuration and Devices
  AIX Device Terminology 
  The /dev Directory 
  System configuration and device overview 
  Device States and Addressing 
  Device Management 
  Device Location Codes 
  Self Configuring Devices 
  Various commands to manage devices 

System Storage Overview
  Components of AIX Storage 
  Benefits of the Logical Volume Manager (LVM) 
  Volume Groups 
  Physical Storage and Logical Storage 
  File Systems 
  Standard File Systems in AIX 
  The /etc/filesystems File 
  Mounting a Filesystem 
  Listing File Systems and Listing Logical Volumes

Working with the Logical Volume Manager
  Logical Volume Manager 
  Adding and Removing Volume Groups 
  Listing Volume Groups 
  Change, Reorganise, Activate and Deactivate a Volume Group                                                 
  Reorganize a Volume Group
  Import/Export a Volume Group 
  Mirroring and Striping
  Adding and Removing Volume Groups 
  Change, Reorganise, Activate and Deactivate a Volume Group 
  Import/Export a Volume Group 
  Mirroring and Striping 
  Logical Volume Policies 
  Listing Logical Volume Information 
  Adding and Removing Logical Volumes 
  Listing Physical Volume Information 
  Add/Change Physical Volumes
  Add copies to Logical Volumes 
  Set characteristics of Logical Volumes 
  Add or move contents of Logical Volume
  Documenting disk storage configuration

File System Administration
  Structure of a Journaled File System 
  Structure of an inode 
  File System Fragmentation 
  Large File enabled Filesystems 
  The Journaled Log 
  Adding and Removing Filesystems 
  Mount/Unmount a Filesystem 
  Space Management Issues 
  Listing free Disk Space and Controlling Files 
  Fragmentation Considerations 
  Defragmenting a Filesystem 
  Filesystem Verification

Paging Space
  Paging Space Overview 
  Paging Space Placement 
  Adding, Changing and Removing Paging Space 
  Problems with Paging Space
  Documenting paging space setup

Backup and Restore
  Backup and Restore Overview 
  Types of Backup 
  Backup Strategy 
  Backup Devices 
  Image Backup of rootvg with mksysb 
  Backup of a non-rootvg Volume Group 
  Restoring Files and Directories 
  Other UNIX Commands; tar, cpio and dd
  Backup Restore Best Practices

Security and User Administration
  Security Concepts 
  Users and Groups 
  Security Logs 
  File/Directory Permissions 
  Changing Permissions and Ownership 
  The User, Group and Login Security Files 
  User Administration 
  Adding, Changing and Removing Users 
  User Passwords 
  Regaining root's Password
  Group Administration 
  Adding, Changing and Removing Groups 
  Introduction to Role Base Access Control 
  Controlling access to the root account 
  RBAC defined roles and authorization
  RBAC basic implementation
  RBAC examples 

  The cron Daemon 
  Changing crontab 
  The skulker File 
  The at and batch Commands 
  Controlling at Jobs 

Introduction to Workload Partition 
  Workload Partition Overview 
  Understanding Application WPARs 
  Creating an Application WPAR
  System WPAR Overview
  Creating System WPAR 
  Creating a System WPAR with a network definition 
  Starting a System WPAR 
  Stopping and removing a System WPAR
  WPAR Status and Logs
  System WPAR management: clogin
  Save and restore System WPAR
  AIX command restrictions in WPARs



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