Course Duration 2 Days Hands on course 
Course Fee Available upon request (Write to us at
Operating System AIX Version 7.1 and AIX 7.2
Course Location Customer Onsite - Karachi
Course Code TN180
Group Discount Discounts are available for a classs of 5 and 8 students
Deliverables Comprehensive Student Guide and Course Certificate
This course is designed for System Administrators using AIX Version 7.1 and AIX 7.2. It provides participants with the skilss to monitor, analyze and tune AIX subsystems for optimal performance including concepts, strategy and the ways to implement balanced system. 

This course is targeted for system administrators with at least six months experience in AIX and with other relevant education.

Participants should be experienced System Administrators and should have previously attended IBM AN120 and AN150.

Everyone who uses a computer has an opinion about its overall systems performance. Unfortunately, these opinions are often completely different. On successful completion of this course, students should be able to perform problem determination and analyze the root causes generating system performance issues. .

Performance Overview
System performance 
Performance tuning process 
System architecture 
Program execution hierarchy 
Components of system performance 
Processor performance
System dynamics/attributes 
Identification of critical resources
Tools for performance evaluation 
Standard UNIX and AIX performance tools 
Tuning CPU Usage
Processes and threads 
The life of a process 
Scheduling policies 
The iostat, sar, ps, svmon, tprof commands                                  
AIX Logital Track Group Size
Introduction to AIX PROC tools
Administration tuning techniques 
VMM technology 
The vmstat, ps and svmon commands 
Tuning paging space thresholds 
Memory leaks
Logical volume attributes that affect performance by using lvmstat command 
Monitoring PV and LV usage
Using iostat and filemon
Logical volume fragmentation 
Using filemon and fileplace 
File fragmentation and disk placement 
JFS log 
Defragmenting an file system 
Multiple page support in AIX
AIX Performance Work Bench - Performance Monitoring Tool
Issues related to application problems
Performance Best Practices
The Perforamcne tuning process


List of IBM AIX Operating System 
Standard Courses

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Power Systems for AIX III - Advanced Administration and Problem Determination

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AIX Performance Monitoring and Management

Introduction to IT Infrastructure Technologies

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List of IBM AIX Operating System 
Short-Term Courses

AIX System Configuration Devices & AIX System Storage Overview

AIX Disk Storage Management & Recovery Procedures

AIX Performance Monitoring & Management

Understanding & Managing AIX ODM (Object Data Manager)

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AIX Software Installation Maintenance & Backup & Restotore

Working with Logical Volume Manager & File System Administration

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