Course Title : TOGAF Enterprise Architecture Framework
Course Duration : 2 Day Face-to-Face Instructor-led Workshop - Classroom
: Online workshop is delivered in two days, two units each day between 9:30 am to 1 pm and 2 pm to 5:30 pm
Course Fee : Available upon request (Write to us at
Course Location  : TLC (Karachi), Customer Onsite, and Online
Course Code : TN212
Deliverables : Comprehensive Student Guide and Workshop Certificate

Customer onsite workshop can also be conducted for customers in Lahore, and Islamabad
Enterprise architecture is vital in guiding digital transformation efforts within an organization. It provides a detailed overview of the internal systems, processes, and data flows, enabling organizations to identify improvement areas and innovation opportunities. Enterprise Architecture is a discipline that aligns the complex business and IT structures within large-scale organizations. It is a strategic and technical role that introduces practical standards across departmental units.

In a nutshell, the goal is to streamlining processes, analyzing current trends in technology architecture, and making sure that IT strategy is aligned with the organization’s mission. It’s an effective methodology for performing planning, budgeting and forecasting exercises as one team against targeted projects vs resources required and overall efforts and challenges to close enterprise projects in  time with higher rate of success.

This two-day workshop will help teams with the fundamental knowledge on TOGAF Enterprise Architecture for creating technology roadmaps with an objective to perform risk free planning, forecasting & budgeting exercises.

The training course flow will be a mix of lectures & classroom discussions so that participants can have a detailed understanding of various components of TOGAF Enterprise Architecture.

Training will be delivered by an experienced TOGAF 9 Certified trainer, practicing TOGAF EAF for over 15 plus years, with 25+ years of career experience imparting education and training services both locally and internationally and have served international enterprise technology vendors including IBM, Fujitsu, and ICL.

Our instructor holds various industry professional certifications in the space of enterprise servers and storage technologies, Information Security, Enterprise Architecture, Blockchain, ITIL, Cloud, Virtualization, Green IT, and a co-author of 10 IBM Redbooks and have designed and developed 70 plus courses based on storage, information security, cybersecurity, enterprise architecture, Blockchain, Open Banking Framework and digital technologies stacks.  

The training course flow will be a mix of lectures & classroom discussions so that participants can have a detailed understanding of various components of TOGAF Enterprise Architecture Framework along with a mapping of TOGAF ADM with Digital Transformation Architecture Framework phases.

CIO, CDO, CTO, CISO, and any other CXO portfolio, GM IT, VP/Director IT, Senior Managers, Business Technology Leaders, Digital and Technology Team Leaders, Business Strategy, and Service Leaders, Data Analytics and Data Science personals, Application Software Development Teams and Programmers, Customer Experience Managers, Strategic Planners, Project Managers, Business Analysts, Security Professionals, IT Consultants, System Integrators, Solution Architectures, and Technical Writers. Senior Technology and Business Leaders who want to upskill their present set of skills in the space of Enterprise Architecture.

The value of enterprise architecture comes from establishing solutions to organization-wide problems. It’s a role that supports businesses in becoming more agile and meeting strategic goals by working towards a cohesive, organization-wide technology landscape. It is a role that has the most overarching view of an organization’s IT landscape.

In a nutshell, it helps organizations of all sizes to fully understands the core business needs and how to improve processes.

The value of enterprise architecture is best seen through improvement in data management, application development, IT infrastructure, business processes, and overall organizational impact.

Participants attending this course should be familiar with basic Information Technology (IT) concepts, business challenges and the role of general system wide infrastructure technologies and their applications. 

Unit 1 – Business Challenges and Enterprise Strategy 
  • Understand Fault Tolerance and Fault Resilience.
  • Pressures on senior executive management.
  • Business Challenges faced by IT Managers.
  • What is Business Resilience?
  • Business Resilience Strategy & types of plans.
  • Business Resilience Strategy from Data Protection PoV.
  • Business requirements and Technology Limitations.
  • Steps in developing an enterprise strategy.
  • Enterprise Strategy Development Phase.
  • Enterprise IT Strategy challenges of a growing business.
  • Business Model defined.
  • Pointers for setting up Enterprise Strategy Summary.
  • Unit 1 Assessment
Unit 2 – Enterprise Architecture Overview 
  • Enterprise defined.
  • Understanding business model, business framework and business architecture.
  • Understanding Enterprise Architecture.
  • Why Enterprise Architecture?
  • Enterprise Architecture Benefits.
  • Integral components of Enterprise Architecture.
  • Why organizations need to create a EA capability?
  • Enterprise Architecture Best Practices and benefits.
  • The three major categories of architecture justification.
  • Enterprise Architecture Scope & Functions.
  • The Enterprise Architecture Vision Statement.
  • Enterprise Architecture Governance.
  • Architecture and Governance and Detailed IT Capabilities Assessment Details.
  • Streams of activities to unlock the value of the EA capability.
  • Unit 2 Assessment.


Unit 3 – TOGAF Foundation
  • Types of Enterprise Architecture Framework.
  • Understanding the role of TOGAF?
  • Essential pillars of TOGAF Architecture Framework.
  • Main goals of TOGAF Architecture Framework.
  • Streams of activities to unlock the value of the EA capability.
  • TOGAF –Architecture Development Method (ADM).
  • Guidelines for Adapting the ADM Process.
  • Defining ADM Phases (A to H).
  • Two Styles of Architecture Definition.
  • Categories of Stakeholders.
  • Architecture Content Framework.
  • Deliverables, Artifacts and Building Blocks.
  • Enterprise Architecture Tools.
  • Unit 3 Assessment.
Unit 4 – Exploring Fundamental Components of TOGAF
  • EA Challenges and Architecture Content Framework.
  • Architecture Capability Framework.
  • Six Components of TOGAF 9.
  • Describe Deliverables, Artifacts and Building Blocks.
  • Architecture Content Metamodel Framework.
  • Understand Architecture Capability Framework.
  • Architectural Artifacts by ADM Phase.
  • Describe Enterprise Continuum & TOGAF Reference Models.
  • Boundaryless Information Flow.
  • The Integrated Information Infrastructure Reference Model.
  • Architecture Capability Framework Component.
  • Enterprise Architecture Tools and their functioning.
  • Developing Effective IT Landscaping.
  • Application Architecture Reference Model.
  • Why EA projects fails to deliver benefits to the business.
  • Understanding Roles between EA and the PMO.
  • Steps organization should follow to bridge the gaps between Business and IT.
  • Ten rules to prepare for EA success.
  • Unit 4 Assessment. 



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State Bank of Pakistan, FINCA Microfinance Bank Ltd, Mobilink Microfinance 
Bank Ltd, MCB Bank Ltd, and ETSS has attended a two day online workshop 
on "TOGAF Enterprise Architecture Framework" in Karachi imparted by 
TLC on November 24 - 25, 2020.




Bank AL-Habib Ltd, MCB Bank Ltd, and IBM Canada has attended a two day 
online workshop on "TOGAF Enterprise Architecture Framework" in Karachi 
imparted by TLC on April 12 - 13, 2021.



Bank AL-Habib Ltd, Informa UK, Megaplus Pakistan and CBS has attended 
a two day online workshop on "TOGAF Enterprise Architecture Framework"
in Karachi imparted by TLC on October 13 - 14, 2021.





Bank AL-Habib Ltd, National Bank of Pakistan and English Biscuit Manufacturers (Pvt) Ltd
has attended
a two day F2F workshop on "TOGAF Enterprise Architecture Framework"
imparted by Adnan Ikram of TLC on June 8 - 9, 2023 at Marriott Hotel, Karachi.



Bank AL-Habib Ltd has attended a two day F2F workshop on "TOGAF Enterprise Architecture Framework"
imparted by Adnan Ikram of TLC on July 18 - 19, 2023 at Marriott Hotel, Karachi.